Knurl Bar Buckle 50mm 600Kgs

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The KBB5006 is a Knurl Bar Buckle or Roll Pin Buckle designed for 50mm webbing. The buckle features a knurled metal slider with metal webbing tab. The metal roll pin buckle is much stronger than the plastic quick release buckles.

It is used predominately for making roll pin webbing belts and cargo restraint straps. The buckle is manufactured from mild steel.

GTF® manufacture this buckle at their factory in Noida, India (www.gtcfi.com)

Breaking Force: 600Kgf
Lashing Capacity: 300daN
Width of Webbing: 50mm
Buckle Weight: 129grams (0.129kg)

GTF® also have a range of 50mm polyester webbing that can be used in conjunction with the KBB5006 Knurl Bar Buckle.


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