Polyester Lashing Webbing and Sling Webbing
High tenacity webbing manufactured from polyester yarn and is UV resistant. The webbings are used in load restraint applications and also in the manufacture of webbing lifting slings. Our webbing can be supplied in 100m reels or cut into bespoke lengths and are also supplied in various colours.  GTF® stock 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and 75mm lashing webbing and from 30mm to 300mm sling webbing.

Polyester webbing has a very high strength tenacity, has an excellent resistant to abrasion, offers a good performance to low and high operating temperatures, is resistant to sunlight and resistant to most chemicals.

Very high strength tenacity
Excellent resistance to abrasion
Very good performance in low & high temperatures
Excellent resistance to sunlight
Polyester is resistant to mineral acids
Sensitive to alkaline

The webbing is used in our range of webbing straps which include Ratchet Straps , Cam Buckle Straps and Lifting Slings