Edge Protectors

Discover the comprehensive range of Plastic Edge Protectors, also known as vee boards, corner protectors, or cargo strap protectors, designed to safeguard cargo and strapping during transport. These durable protectors are crucial in the cargo industry, providing an effective barrier against strap damage and reducing the risk of abrasions that can weaken or break ratchet straps.

At GTF®, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of edge protection, offering a diverse selection of plastic edge protectors ranging from 50mm to 2.4m. Our inventory includes both light and heavy-duty options, catering to various cargo protection needs. Trusted by top transport companies and builders merchants across the UK, our edge protectors are a staple in ensuring cargo safety during transit.

Plastic Edge Protectors have versatile applications across various industries, including cardboard, paper, and plasterboard, where the primary focus is preventing damage to products. Beyond protecting cargo from strap damage, these protectors help stabilize loads when used on boxes, oil drums, paper rolls, or bricks. They are designed to work with various transport types, from flatbed lorries and side curtain trailers to hiab trucks.

Choose GTF® for reliable plastic edge protectors that ensure your cargo’s safety and stability throughout the journey.