Short Mounty Pole

Used with Mounty Applicators, Throws, Forks and Brooms

Mounty Pole – Short

The Short Mounty Pole (M-POLE-SHORT ) allows most loaders to reach heights of up to 3m from ground level; to place corner protectors with the Mounty Head or Mounty Head Major; to place and retrieve, adjust and untangle ratchet straps with the Mounty Fork; or to easily throw straps over loads using the Mounty Throw.

With the Short Mounty Pole there is no need for platforms or ladders or any need to climb onto the load, thus avoiding falls from workplace vehicles.  The pole itself will extend from 0.8m to 1.6m.

Each Mounty Pole comes with a removable and universally threaded adaptor designed to screw into all of the Mounty Range. The Mounty Pole currently has 7 different attachments that can easily be interchanged. As the manufacturer of the Mounty Pole we can make custom attachments depending on quantity.

These are as follows:

  • Mounty Head (M-HEAD) – To lift CP60 & CP60LD corner protectors to height.
  • Mounty Head Major (M-HEAD-MR) – To lift CP800CP800LDCP1150CP2400LD corner protectors to height.
  • Mounty Throw (M-THROW) – To launch straps over a load.
  • Mounty Fork (M-FORK) – Used to place and retrieve, adjust webbing and slings on Hiabs
  • Mounty Hook (M-HOOK) – Used to place and retrieve, adjust and place ratchet straps
  • Mounty Boardmount (M-BOARDMOUNT) – Used to place, retrieve, adjust load protection boards
  • Mounty Broom (M-BROOM) – For use on a lorry bed, whilst standing on the ground
  • Mounty Pole – 1.2m Pole that extends to 2.4m
  • Mounty Pole Long – 1.8m Pole that extends to 3.6m

A full explanation of the Mounty Applicator can be found here

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