800mm Plastic Corner Protectors

The CP800LD plastic corner protectors can be used to protect loads from damage. This is a 0.8m (800mm) pre-cut extruded protector made from 5mm thick high density Polyethylene (PE HD). Using plastic corner protectors is much safer than the metal equivalents.

The CP800LD has a 180mm top edge for maximum stability while on the load and a 140mm vertical edge. It is made from Heavy Duty Polypropylene and each protector weighs 1.3kg and will span the width of a standard euro pallet.

The CP800LD corner protectors can be place at height using our unique Mounty Applicators from the ground, therefore avoiding the need to climb on to the lorry. GTF® are the manufactures of the Mounty Applicator System.

A heavier version of the CP800LD is the CP800 Corner Protector.

We also supply them to bespoke lengths from 0.3m up to 6m. GTF® provide a complete range of wear sleeves and corner protectors, if you cannot find anything suitable then please contact us.

Material: High Density Polyethylene (PE HD).
Width of webbing: Any width of webbing
Dimensions: 800mm x 180mm x 140mm
Weight: 1.3kg