Rave - Chassis Hooks

Rave Hooks – Chassis Hooks are formed from wire bent into a profile designed to attach either to a specific point on the edge (rave) of truck bodywork or, more securely, directly onto the truck chassis. Rave hooks can be open or closed. The webbing or strap attaches around the base of the hook and the 2 formed prongs then act as individual hooks onto the chassis rail. Several versions of wire rave hook are available. A double bar version of the rave hook stops the hook from being able to slide off the webbing, keeping it securely in place. A further development is the closed wire rave hook where the 2 prongs are turned inwards and welded together to make a continuous hook.  This version is designed for maximum strength and better distributes the weight across the width of the hook. GTF also produce press steel rave hooks.