A buckle could mean several things from to wilt or to clasp together. One C14 century meaning of Old French origin, “bouclé”, was for a strap to secure a soldier’s helmet. In this case it was a simple formed metal or similar device designed to join 2 ends of a strap together. Other origins exist but they all say roughly the same thing. GTF makes a full range of buckles specifically for load restraint equipment. GTF’s range extends from Cam Buckles, to Knurled Roller Buckles, Over-Centre Buckles, Plastic Buckles, Ratchet Buckles and Stainless Steel Ratchet Buckles to the simple Winch. All these buckles are designed to do the same job but operate in slightly different ways. In short, they all reduce the length of a strap so that it can clasp a load tightly. Read under each buckle type to see how that specific buckle type goes about its business of shortening a strap.