Car Transport Fittings

There are several end fittings suitable for Car Transporter Strap Assemblies.  In view of the wide range available many different vehicles from invalid carriages to fat low profiled tyred racing cars to twin wheeled commercial vehicles (up to 3500kg unladen) can be secured.  End fittings are frequently bespoke for the job but frequently they are still available in the standard GTF range. Probably the commonest end fitting is the ubiquitous Wire Hook be it single or twin prong. Most transporters feature mesh flooring with a facility to accept hooked end fittings directly into the floor.  Others require drop forged swivel hooks designed to fit underneath vehicles and sometimes featuring quick release toggle arms used when hitching/unhitching in restricted areas.  In view of the need to “contain” the wheel/tyre assembly occasionally it is easier to use an oval link thus enabling the webbing to run free when ratcheting everything tight. Normally the same type of attachment is fitted at each end of an assembly. However, for specialist operations and maximum flexibility, it is possible to order a different fitting for the short end.  Plastic webbing protectors are often specified to assist with grip over the tyre.  The webbing slides easily through these protectors thus reducing the chance of strap movement.  Normally, car transporter straps are supplied in pairs both equipped with the same end fittings.

GTF® also supply Ratchet Buckles and Webbing