35mm 600kgs Cam Buckle Straps

35mm 600Kgs Cam Straps

GTF stock a range of 35mm cam buckle straps in 3m 5m and 7m lengths. The straps are manufactured to the European standard EN12195-2 and are made from polyester webbing.

The stock straps are all made with blue webbing, alternative colours are available.

We can also make straps to customer bespoke requirments, options available include printed names and logos onto webbinf and makijg straps in any length required.

We can supply the straps in either 1 part as shown in picture above or 2 part with end fittings which are listed below.

The LC is the safe working load of the strap in daN (decanewton) – for conversion 1 decanewton in 1 kilogram. The beaking force (BF) of the strap is double the LC.