Cam Buckles

Cam Buckles are simple, low cost, quick, positive lock strapping systems made with 25, 35 and 50 mm webbing. The simple operation of pushing a cam down with the thumb opens the buckle throat to accept a webbing lash. When adequate webbing has been pulled through the cam is released locking the webbing to the buckle. Further tightening can be achieved simply by pulling on the strap tail end. Any slack is pulled through the buckle but webbing cannot slip back due to the pinching effect of the cam. Secure clamping is further assured by knurling cut on the roll face of the cam. This knurling grips the webbing and stops any tendency for it to slip back.

GTF can supply two types of cam buckles, dies cast zinc cam buckles and heavier duty Cam buckles are made from cast alloy steel located in a pressed steel saddle plate formed to make the buckle. An option is an all plastic cam buckle that is corrosion resistant.

GTF are one of the countries leading suppliers of cargo restraint equipment with large stocks, so are able to offer next day delivery.

GTF supply a range of Cam Buckles to suit 25mm, 35mm and 50mm Webbing. All the buckles are used in our range of Cam Buckle Straps.