Cam Buckle 35mm 600Kgs

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The CB3506 is a 35mm Die Cast Cam Buckle designed for 35mm webbing. It has a breaking strength (BS) of 600Kg. The cam buckle is made from zinc alloy and the spring from 1080 Carbon Steel. A zinc brightener is added and to give the cam buckle a shiny finish. Cam Buckles provide an easy way for securing cargo and are easy to adjust and easy to use. The knurled edge on the release mechanism presses against the webbing keeping it firmly in place.  They stop goods being damaged as they are only able to be tensioned hand tight.

The buckle meets the requirements of the European Load Standard EN12195-2:2001 which requires the buckle to have a lashing capacity (LC) of 300daN. This capacity is stamped on the buckle together with the suppliers name GTF® and part number CB3506 for full traceability. The breaking strength (BS) of the cam buckle is 600Kg and this is the maximum load that can be applied to the buckle before failure.

The Cam Buckle is manufactured from Zinc and is used in our range of 35mm Cam Buckle Straps

Breaking Force: 600Kgf
Lashing Capacity: 300daN
Width of Webbing: 35mm
Buckle Weight: 120 grams (0.120Kg)

GTF® also have a range of 35mm end fittings and 35mm polyester webbing that can be used in conjunction with the CB3506 Cam Buckle.

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