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Snap Hooks

Snap Hooks consist of a hook where the mounting aperture is closed by the action of a spring loaded clip or keeper which snaps shut when the hook is loaded and makes a positive lock after the hook has been placed over a retaining mount.   Snap Hooks are made from flat plate, formed wire or wrought metal for heavier weights. In its simplest form a snap hook is made from an elongated flat plate, stamped to provide a horizontal hole at one end designed to accept a particular width of webbing and a simple hook and keeper at the other.  These hooks are ideal when minimum protrusion above a load surface is required and where infrequent placement and removal of the snap hook takes place.  Other versions such as twisted or swivel snap hooks are used when the webbing lies flat to a surface and it is necessary to latch onto the snap hook. With larger hooks, or where tension may change or vibration occur, the keeper ensures that the hook is always secured no matter how much the tension  is alters. The snap hooks are used in the manufacture of webbing straps.