One Way Lashings

One Way Lashings are a fast and economical way of securing loads in transit without the need to invest in conventional Ratchets and Strap assemblies.  This becomes particularly important with large regular shipments where load restraint equipment used is never returned to the shipper.

This type of lashing system also presents other cost saving opportunities.  Webbing can be supplied in 100m continuous reels 200m sacks which can then be cut down to precise lengths to accommodate a particular load.  As a result cost savings are achieved because no strapping is left unused as with Ratchet Strap type assemblies.

A further cost saving is obtained with these systems by the fact that no sewing is required in order to “create” a strapping assembly as with a Ratchet Strap system.  Provided the hooks and buckles involved in a One Way Lashing assembly are “assembled” in the correct fashion they form a secure restraint system free from slippage and the risk of becoming loose.  As a result any possible theft of your restraint system does not involve expensive Ratchets that have been permanently sewn into fixed length assemblies.

When assembled correctly the only way to release a One Way Lashing is by cutting the webbing.  This could be done close to the buckle in order to maximise used webbing retention or wherever is convenient.  It should be pointed out that the buckles are “One Way”. I.e. designed for economic one way shipment and thus not for reuse.  In addition, these systems have the webbing tensioned using a special independent ratchet tensioner designed to apply very high force to the webbing and then to be removed and retained.  As a result the cost of the shipped lashing assembly is kept low and the strapping cannot be undone unless cut.

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