50mm Ratchet Straps - 4000kgs

50mm 4000Kgs Ratchet Straps

GTF supply a range of 50mm 4000Kgs ratchet straps used in places such as the transport industry.  These straps are manufactured to the European standard EN12195-2 and are made from high tenacity polyester webbing.

We are able to supply these straps directly from stock or are able to make them to customer requirements. We can manufacture the straps to any length, offer various end fittings such as wire claw hooks, twisted or flat snap hooks and delta rings. We are able to print customer logos and names onto the webbing and make to any length required. GTF straps are manufactured in the UK.

We can supply the straps in either 1 part endless straps or 2 part systems with a variety of end fittings that are listing below.

GTF also supply Edge Protectors for protecting the straps and loads from damage; and the Mounty Applicator for applying the edge protectors from the ground without the need to climb on to the vehicle.