Mounty Strap Thrower

Strap Thrower

Saving personal injury. Saving time. The Mounty Strap Thrower

GTF manufactures the Mounty Throw at its factory in India. Designed to fit on the Mounty Pole (M-Pole) the Mounty Throw is used to place straps over loads on curtain sided bodywork where the gap between the top of the load and the roof of the bodywork is limited. The Mounty Throw jettisons a strap horizontally across this space whilst retaining the rave hook end ready for attachment to the floor of the bodywork. The Mounty Throw is designed for heavy yard use but it can also be carried on a vehicle as part of the Mounty range of loading and restraint products.

The benefits of the Mounty Throw

  • Used standing on the ground with no need for a working platform or ladder thus the requirements of Working at Height legislation are met; and at a fraction of the costs!
  • Removes risk of falling from height and significantly reduces risk of slips and trips.
  • Heavy Duty construction makes tool ideal for continuous yard work.
  • Decreases loading times significantly and can be used in conjunction with the Mounty Applicator range thus reducing strapping time and increasing productivity.
  • Compliant with HSE regulations and DVSA enforcement.
  • Protects loaders from dynamic strain injury caused to shoulders and arms compared with the constant throwing of a strap by hand – and missing!
  • Reduces company liability for personal injury claims and load damage.
  • Dedicated and positive fitting onto the Mounty Pole ensures stability and safety in use.

Size and Weight

  • Takes up to a 10m x 50mm strap.
  • Can be thrown at 2.4m maximum pole height plus height of loader (1.8m). Total 4.2m.(13’.6”’)
  • The Mounty Throw weighs 0.78kg and the Mounty Pole only 0.946kg. Total 1.73kg (3.80lb)


  • Can be left permanently attached to pole in loading yard.
  • Can be detached and stored in driver’s cab with other Mounty range attachments


The list below is the full range of attachments that connect to the Mounty Pole

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