Mounty Broom

Broom Adapter for use on the lorry bed, whilst standing on the ground.

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The Mounty Broom with 90° Adaptor fits onto a Mounty Pole which can be extended right across the load bed of a truck. It is used to clear dust and debris from the bed thus ensuring minimum slippage of any load  subsequently placed onto the truck.  The Broom is used whilst the operator is safely standing on the ground and negates any need for him to climb onto the load bed.  The top edge of the Adaptor features a 50mm wide straight edge useful for dislodging stuck-on or hardened mud and other material from the bed. This Mounty Broom features in the ever widening range of Mounty driver aid products.

Also in our range is the M-BROOMM-HEADM-HEAD-MRM-POLEM-THROW and our range our Corner Protectors

New to the range is our Strap Thrower which allows straps to be jettisoned over the load whilst still standing on the ground.

The list below is the full range of attachments that connect to the Mounty Pole

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