Adaptor used to place and retrieve, adjust and place ratchet straps

The Mounty Fork (M-FORK) is an attachment used with the Mounty Pole. It is used to place and recover load straps whilst the operator is standing safely on the ground. The Mounty Fork can also be used to place slings securely onto regular and snap hooks as fitted to Hiab type cranes. The Mounty Fork features in the ever widening range of Mounty driver aid products.

The Mounty Fork  fits to a Mounty Pole using a secure double snap-in means of attachment thus ensuring safety in operation.

The Mounty Fork is made from Carbon Steel and fully Powder Coated in yellow. Manufacture is undertaken in GTF’s wholly owned factory in Noida, India.  See ww.gtcfi.com.

The list below is the full range of attachments that connect to the Mounty Pole (M-POLE)