Pallet Lifting Bars

Pallet Lifting Bars (SWL2000kgs per pair)

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Pallet lifting bars at 1.5m in length feature non-slip ends. Powder coated yellow for corrosion resistance and high visibility. Rated at an SWL of 2,000 kgs per pair.

The lifting bars are used when fork lift trucks are not available. The lifting bars slide through the pallets and lifting slings are are attached at each end. Stop ends stop the slings from sliding off. The lifting bar has a profile of 7cm by 5cm and the end plates measuring 10cm x 6.5cm.

The Lifting Bars are manufactured at our factory in India Quantity discounts are available, please email us with your requirements. Lifting Bars are sold in pairs.

Lifting Bars can be bought online or directly from us by emailing your enquiry. The price quoted is for a pair.

Available with EU Certificate of Conformity on request




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