Ratchet Tensioner for one way lashings

The RB5050NS is a ratchet buckle designed for 50mm webbing to tension one way lashings.  The one way lashings are tensioning by placing one end of the webbing into the cam buckle type clamp which is bolted to the ratchet buckle. The other webbing end is placed into the spindle of the ratchet buckle, the webbing is tensioned until the correct tension is reached. the webbing in the clamp is released and the webbing taken out of the spindle of the ratchet buckle.

The Ratchet and tensioning cam are manufactured from Carbon Steel.

Width of Webbing: 50mm
Buckle Weight: 1288grams (1.288kg)

One Way Lashings are a fast and economical way of securing loads in transit without the need to invest in conventional Ratchets and Strap assemblies.  This becomes particularly important with large regular shipments where load restraint equipment used is never returned to the shipper. GTF have 2 types of one way lashings, buckles and wire hooks

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