Ratchet strap with rave hook – LC5000daN

GTF- Quality 75mm Ratchet Strap Assemblies with Heavy Duty Rave Hook rated at 10,000kgs.

High quality ratchet straps manufactured in the UK to the highest level and designed to secure everyday cargo as encountered by the haulage industry. This is a heavy duty 75mm 2 part Ratchet Lashing with rave hooks with a breaking strength of 10,000kg (10ton) and manufactured in the UK. The system uses a long handle ratchet buckle, orange polyester webbing and is manufactured to European Standard EN-12195-2.

  • Complies with European Standard EN12195-2
  • Achieves a rated assembly strength (RAS) of LC5000daN (5000kgf). LC is the Lashing Capacity and the maximum force that can to be applied in a straight pull.
  • Stock lash sizes of 8m, 10m, 12m, and 14m with a fixed end length of 0,5m and 1m.
  • Made from high quality polyester webbing
  • Ratchet buckle made from carbon steel incorporating a strong and durable aluminium handle.
  • Heavy Duty Rave Hook made from boron alloy steel (stronger than carbon steel) for added strength and durability.
  • All webbing sewn with Number 6 polyester thread.
  • Bespoke ratchet straps can be supplied in most colours and to any size. Special security printing service can put your name/logo onto the webbing.
  • GTF manufacturing is accredited to ISO9001 quality standard.
  • All component parts clearly marked with GTF identification marks for full traceability as required in European manufacturing standards for load restraint equipment.
  • GTF® are able  provide a range of Edge Protectors that can be used to prevent damage to the straps.

Components used in the manufacture of this Ratchet Strap:-

Buckle – RB75100
Rave Hook – HDR75100
Webbing – WB75150OE

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