Twisted Snap Hook 35mm 3000Kgs

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The TSH3530 is a pressed steel Twisted Snap Hook designed for use with 35mm webbing. The hook is designed with a sprung loaded safety catch that once engaged will not come detached; this offers a better level of security than standard hooks. The length of the hook is 132mm and the diameter of the hook will allow it to fit on to a 16mm bar. The hook is made from carbon steel and has a breaking strength (BS) of 3000Kg. The hook is used on our light weight 35mm ratchet strap RLL35TSH where a positive attachment is essential, thus insuring the strap and hook do not release even if the strap slackens.

The snap hook meets the requirements of the European Load Restraint Standard EN12195-2:2001 which requires the hook to have a lashing capacity (LC) of 1500daN stamped on the hook together with the suppliers name and the part number FSH5030. The breaking strength (BS) of 3000kgf is also shown to indicate the maximum load that can be applied to the buckle before failure.

We also have a flat version of this hook, the FSH3530

Breaking Force: 3000kgf
Lashing Capacity: 1500daN
Width of Webbing: 50mm
Buckle Weight: 163 grams (0.163kg)

GTF® have a complete range of Snap Hooks suitable for all types all load restraint applications and manufacture a full range of Ratchet Straps used for securing any type of load.

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