Wire Hook 50mm 4000Kgs

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The WH5040 is a wire claw hook designed for 50mm webbing. The length of the hook is 85mm and the diameter of the hook will allow it to fit on to a 14mm bar. The wire hook is used extensively in the manufacture of 50mm lorry straps and is manufactured by GTF® in its wholly owned factory in Noida, India (www.gtcfi.com).  The hook is made from boron alloy steel which gives it extra strength and durability. It has a breaking strength (BS) of 4000Kg.

The wire hook meets the requirements of the European Load Restraint  Standard EN12195-2:2001 which requires the hook to have a lashing capacity (LC) of 20KN. This capacity is stamped on the hook together with the part number WH5040 and batch number therefore offering full traceability.

The WH5040 is a popular wire claw hook is used in our range of 50mm lorry straps. A heavier version of this hook is the WH5050 and has a breaking strength of 5000kg

GTF® have a complete range of wire hooks suitable for all types all load restraint applications.

Breaking Force: 4000Kgf
Lashing Capacity: 2000daN
Width of Webbing: 50mm
Buckle Weight: 190 grams (0.190Kg)

GTF® manufacture a full range of webbing straps used for securing any type of load.

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