Pallet Truck Chock

A secure and safe means of constraint for your on board pallet truck. Sticks nearly anywhere.


Pallet Chocks

Anyone connected with the transport industry has heard pallets and pallet trucks sliding around on the loading decks of trucks and semi-trailers. Not only is this incredibly dangerous and carries the risk of the pallet truck punching through the side of the curtain or the vehicle body but it does untold internal damage the goods in transit and vehicle body work. The legal implications of an incident involving unrestrained pallet trucks are substantial.

The GTF Pallet Truck Chock is designed to hold fast on the majority of vehicle load surfaces and, when holding a pallet truck in place, it grips even more due to the downward pressure exerted on hundreds of locating pins underneath. The GTF chock features entry from both sides, is light in weight and extremely durable due to its recycled plastic construction. The chock comes with 4 rubber pads inserted in the base to stock the chock from moving about. Whilst the chock will stop the majority of pallet truck movement it is still recommended that a restraining strap is used to tie the truck to the side of a vehicle when in motion.

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