Corner Protector 800mm HD

800mm Heavy Duty Plastic Corner Protector

GTF® 800mm heavy duty plastic corner protectors have two purposes, to protect strapping from abrasion (say over bricks) and to protect goods from strapping damage (say goods packed in soft edged boxes).

The CP800 is injection moulded and made of a ribbed design to add strength and to stop it from bending; it has a 800mm x 190mm x 190mm profile.

If you carry goods that can be damaged easily such as boxed cargo then the CP800 should be your choice of edge protector. The CP800 has an open inner corner that prevents damage to the top of the load when it is strapped down

As the CP800 is 800mm wide it fits exactly across a Euro Pallet. This not only spreads the compression load of the strap right across the pallet but also helps to keep the cargo in place.

The CP800 is a very strong Corner Protector made from durable polypropylene . GTF® have a range of other corner protectors that are used on brick and block loads, flat bed trucks and general haulage. We also have a CP800LD Corner Protector which is a lighter and cheaper version of the popular CP800

Material: Polypropylene
Width of webbing: 50mm
Dimensions: 800mm x 190mm x 190mm
Weight: 1.18kg

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