Corner Protector 300mm Composite

300mm Moisture Resistant Fibre Edge Protector

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The CPC300 edge protector is a high strength, moisture resistant edge protector made from recycled paper and plastic. The edge protector is cellulose/ Polyethylene base composite and wrapped in cardboard. Because of this the edge protector can be exposed to moisture for long periods without deteriorating. This makes the product ideal for products that are refrigerated, frozen or are open to the elements and stored outdoors.

The edge protector has a 120mm top edge and 80mm vertical edge. The Mounty Applicator can be used to place the edge protectors onto the load.  GTF® offer this product in 2 sizes 300mm and 800mm. Custom sizes can be made to order.

The edge protector is used to brace and support pallets but also offers protection to the webbing straps from damage. Bespoke lengths can be made to customer requirements.

Weight: 0.45Kg
Dimensions: 300mm x 120mm x 80mm
Thickness: 6mm

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