Ratchet Buckle 25mm 200Kgs Polycarbonate

The RB2502GN-PC is 25mm Ratchet Buckle designed for 25mm webbing. It has a breaking strength (BS) of 200Kg. The ratchet buckle is a non-locking ratchet and made completely from polycarbonate, which is a very durable and impact resistant material and has no metal parts. The ratchet can also be used without the need to sew webbing to it, the webbing is threaded through in such a way that it will not come undone.

The buckle is used in applications where metal equivalent buckles are not suitable.

The Ratchet is manufactured from Polycarbonate and comes in 2 colours Blue and Green. Other colours can be made on request but there would be a minimum order.

Breaking Force: 200Kgf
Lashing Capacity: 100daN
Width of Webbing: 25mm
Buckle Weight: 59grams (0.059kg)

GTF are manufactures of cargo securing equipment and produce a wide range of 25mm ratchet straps. Our range of 25mm webbing can be used in conjunction with the RB2502GN-PC

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